Monetizing ethical innkeeping

By Robert Cole, Founder of RockCheetah | 9 Sep 13

In the hotel business, technology is not only something that improves efficiency or makes the guests’ stay more enjoyable. Occasionally, it can also pose ethical dilemmas for innkeepers as well, particularly when it comes to the question of pricing. Robert Cole, founder of the consultancy RockCheetah, walks us through the issues.

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RockCheetah is the name of my hotel marketing strategy and travel technology consulting company. RockCheetah assists global hospitality and travel organizations create business processes to execute successful marketing strategies. RockCheetah’s clients learn how to maximize brand equity and create value through relevant customer engagement by implementing appropriate technologies and operational best practices. RockCheetah not only encompasses my consulting practice, but it also serves as the incubation platform for several other creative and business pursuits.
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