The hospitality gene: a beast, a blessing and a payoff

By Benjamin Jost, CEO of TrustYou | 27 Sep 13

You can take the hotelier out of his/her hotel, but you can’t take the hospitality gene out of them. Like or not, if you are a hotel executive, attention to detail – noting each and every last service detail around you – is in your blood. There is no escaping it, even when you’re on vacation. Benjamin Jost, CEO of TrustYou, describes how this focus on nuances that your non-industry traveling partners are blind to can lead to measurable improvements in ADR… an ROI on the hospitality gene.

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TrustYou’s Mission is to positively influence travelers’ decisions. Reviews and user-generated content now rank #1 in influencing travelers’ hotel selections and industry reputations. Digesting all of these opinions, however, is beyond any one person’s capacity. Each day things become more complicated because millions of new opinions in thousands of formats and dozens of languages enter the fray. TrustYou searches, analyzes and distills hundreds of millions of opinions scattered across this vast, fragmented market. Our products are extensively used by suppliers – hotels, accommodations, restaurants – to provide travelers with better services and enhanced offerings by monitoring, surveying and acting upon all worldwide guest feedback. Travel intermediaries – OTAs, meta-search, destination marketers – use TrustYou’s Meta-Reviews™ to help travelers purchase wisely. TrustYou’s Meta-Reviews™ are based solely on verified travel reviews. They do not include data from TripAdvisor.
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