How technology can serve both hotel employees and guests

By Manfred Osthues, Managing Partner at protel | 7 Dec 15

Manfred Osthues of protel says that his idea about the hotel of the future is concentrated around the people in the hotel. It is their expectations that drive the development and implementation of any kind of technological solution. Increased employee satisfaction is just one fantastic side-effect which should not be underestimated. Ultimately, he says, technology is “for people like you!”

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About protel hotelsoftware GmbH

protel offers technology and service solutions specifically and exclusively for the hospitality industry. The consistent focus on the needs of a single industry makes us one of the most experienced and successful providers of advanced property management systems (PMS). Whatever the requirements, whether installed on-site, web- based “in the Cloud”, or as a hybrid solution, our flexible and scalable software solutions cover the full industry spectrum, from small independent hotels to multinational hotel chains with a global presence. Founded in 1994, protel hotelsoftware GmbH operates under the leadership of managing partners Ingo Dignas, Jörg Hermann and Manfred Osthues. With headquarters in Germany, branch offices in Dubai and in Vienna, Austria, and a dense network of partner companies working in close cooperation, protel enjoys a worldwide presence. In over 80 countries, hotels and hotel management schools around the world attest to protel's high- level expertise and reliability, a third of them using protel Cloud Solutions.
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