Extended opportunities: optimizing revenue at extended stay properties

By Sanjay Nagalia, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of IDeaS Revenue Solutions | 10 Dec 15

A common view of the extended stay industry is that challenges all hotels face—from balancing availability to managing pricing—are amplified in this market. Could it be, though, that opportunities are amplified too? Sanjay Nagalia of IDeaS Revenue Solutions walks us through his analysis.

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About IDeaS Revenue Solutions

With more than one million rooms priced daily on its advanced systems, IDeaS Revenue Solutions leads the industry with the latest revenue management software solutions and advisory services. Powered by SAS® and more than 27 years of experience, IDeaS proudly supports more than 8,700 clients in 106 countries and is relentless about providing hoteliers more insightful ways to manage the data behind hotel pricing. IDeaS empowers its clients to build and maintain revenue management cultures—from single entities to world-renowned estates—by focusing on a simple promise: Driving Better Revenue. IDeaS has the knowledge, expertise and maturity to build upon proven revenue management principles with next-generation analytics for more user-friendly, insightful and profitable revenue opportunities—not just for rooms, but across the entire hotel enterprise.

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