Millennials and your bottom line: keeping a different generation on track

By Gene Ference, President at Ference Leadership & Strategy | 12 Apr 16

When managing Millennials, it is critical that you understand what drives them and how to maximize their ROI to your organization, writes Gene Ference of Ference Leadership and Strategy. At the same time, you need to get them to buy in to your goals – and help them develop. Gene’s article helpfully sets out a number of practical tips and suggestions for maximizing your effectiveness as a leader with Millennials on your team.

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Ference Leadership & Strategy and Center For Survey Researsh design and conduct programs that assess an organization’s success, its future aspirations and the skill sets necessary for effective leadership. Since 1980, our work in organizational diagnostics and team processes have enabled our clients to establish ratings at peak-performance levels. Our work has directly assisted clients in achieving global recognition. Whether solely based on the company’s proprietary systems or incorporating those of other recognized industry leaders, Our goal is to help clients develop service cultures dedicated to organizational peak performance.
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