Hotel apps: What’s next?

By Roger El Khoury, Managing Partner at NEORCHA sarl | 20 Dec 16

In an increasingly competitive environment, with mounting pressure on profitability, hoteliers continually look for ways to make their operations more efficient while ensuring an enhanced guest experience. Not an easy feat, writes Roger El Khoury, Managing Partner of NEORCHA, but one where mobile applications have a big role to play. Here’s how.

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About NEORCHA sarl

Neorcha is a SaaS (Software as a Service) Company providing hotels with fully integrated digital solutions with an utmost engaging customer journey. In a growing digital world our goal is to provide a complete digital guest journey, allowing hoteliers to communicate with their guests ‘pre-, during- and post-stay’, offer incentives through mobile, and increase loyalty and direct bookings. By acquiring an intimate understanding of both the industry’s technological challenges and the guests uncompromising demands, we created neorcha to design solutions that answer and link the digital and physical guest service environment.
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