Guest value: the limiting factor to digitization in hospitality

By Pierre Boettner , founder and CEO, hospitality pulse | 9 Dec 16

When it comes to digitizing key aspects of a hotel stay, are hotels thinking through the impact on the guest? Pierre Boettner, co-founder of hospitalityPulse, addresss a few hard questions, namely: Are we adding real value for our guests? Are we drawing the right conclusions from new technologies, and from technological advances other industries have introduced? In short: Are we even on the right track?

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About hospitalityPulse, Inc.

To achieve optimal market penetration and price in a transparent market without diluting the product value, hotels are significantly overselling the lowest priced categories. Using disparate reports, Staff then guesstimates the value and importance of guests and their needs, and assigns better rooms on a ‘trial-and-error’ basis until all are accommodated. hospitalityPulse ensures optimal room assignment at all times to all guests, and specifically those most valuable to the chain, the brand and hotel management, thereby considerably increasing guest loyalty and spend.
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