The business of housekeeping: Is technology in housekeeping an option or a prerequisite?

By Eric Rogers, Regional Head EMEA at FCS Computer Systems | 28 Dec 16

Technology has the potential to enhance the guest experience in many ways. One of them, perhaps not immediately recognized by hoteliers, is to automate housekeeping operations, which will not only streamline processes and increase productivity, but give housekeeping staff greater opportunities to interact with guests. Eric Rogers, Vice President EMEA of FCS Computer Systems, explains.

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FCS is a comprehensive hospitality technology solutions and services provider, with an extensive portfolio of integrated products used by more than 5,000 hotels with over 8,000 installations in 32 countries. FCS mobile applications are available on staff mobile devices, providing enhanced efficiency with the ability to assign, view and update tasks on the go. This functionality seamlessly integrates into six web-based guest serving applications that are grouped into FCS’ Hospitality Operations Management category, including FCS Connect, FCS Housekeeping, FCS Laundry, FCS Recovery, FCS Engineering and FCS Concierge; all specifically tailored to enhance service optimization and the guest experience.
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