The decade’s dilemma: Product or retail

By Andrew Sangster, Owner of Hotel Analyst | 9 Mar 17

Hotel brand companies are going through an existential crisis, writes Andrew Sangster, Editorial Director of Hotel Analyst. They are unsure of what it is they are doing and what their purpose is. The problem, he argues, is tied into how they sell hotel rooms.

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Andrew Sangster, a leading financial journalist who has spent his career reporting on the sector, launched his news service over 10 years ago. A decade later and it is viewed as the key title in the hotel investment arena. Hotel Analyst News Analysis Service - Hotel Analyst is different from all other news and information products for the hospitality sector. It is designed to focus purely on the information needs of the hotel investment community. Rather than reproducing press releases or re- writing other newspaper and news wire reports, it is first-hand journalism, reporting the issues that matter to senior hotel industry professionals
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