Finding the future: Mobility, metrics, and merging skillsets 

By Resigned Author | 2 Mar 17

The average person and Big Data are inexorably and permanently intertwined. Big Data is us, because we are now Big Data. There’s no escaping it, writes LodgIQ’s Ravneet Bhandari. Each one of us is leaving an ever- growing digital footprint as technology and consumer behavior merge. We both consume information and produce it, highlighted by the new buzzword: prosumers. Oddly, while we’ve mashed up how we work, play and live, because of significant technology changes, in many instances hospitality professionals are still entertaining 1997, not 2017. It’s a strange dichotomy revealing an opportunity to rethink and reinvent how hoteliers connect with consumers.

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LodgIQ™ is a start-up dedicated to providing advanced revenue optimization technologies to the travel industry. Their breakthrough next-generation revenue optimization platform, LodgIQ RM, was developed by seasoned travel executives and Silicon Valley technologists. LodgIQ was recently awarded the Golden Bridge Award for "Startup of the Year- 2016" in the Hospitality & Travel category.
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