Direct Booking Woes? Let Guests Buy Room Attributes!

By Pierre Boettner , founder and CEO, hospitality pulse | 28 Sep 17

It should come as no surprise that guests want to pick their rooms. According to a Hilton survey, 84% of business travelers want to choose their own room (Fortune). I'm not sure why leisure travelers don't have a say, but I'll tell you what both groups really want. It's not to pick their exact room. That requires too much energy, never mind knowledge of the hotel you plan staying at. Think if the car rental company asked you to pick your car down to the VIN number. No, thank you. But if they asked if I want Bluetooth, a sunroof, storage for more than two bags, and visual navigation… yes, please.


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To achieve optimal market penetration and price in a transparent market without diluting the product value, hotels are significantly overselling the lowest priced categories. Using disparate reports, Staff then guesstimates the value and importance of guests and their needs, and assigns better rooms on a ‘trial-and-error’ basis until all are accommodated. hospitalityPulse ensures optimal room assignment at all times to all guests, and specifically those most valuable to the chain, the brand and hotel management, thereby considerably increasing guest loyalty and spend.
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