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By Inês de Castro Fernandes, Ergonomics Specialist at Novility, Samantha Noll, Business Development Manager at Novility | 14 Nov 17

In a hotel, providing service to guests can be a physically strenuous job. There’s a lot of bending over, stretching, lifting, picking things up, carrying things, rushing around… any of which, with just a little bad luck, could cause an injury, not to mention lower back pain and a host of other maladies. Novility’s Samantha Noll and Inês de Castro Fernandes explain how some of this can be mitigated, through ergonomics.

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Novility is based in the Netherlands. We are a mix of youth, ambition and experience; a team of hospitality professionals, entrepreneurs, developers, designers, IT experts and ergonomic specialists from around the globe. With a shared passion to reinvent training in hospitality, we design and develop advanced solutions that improve operational productivity. Our aim is to always be one step ahead in the evolution of the industry. 
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