The hotel sector, reporting, and the Sustainable Development Goals

By Fran Hughes, Director at International Tourism Partnership | 12 Dec 17

Tourism brings economic development, provides jobs, and protects cultural and natural heritage. But as Fran Hughes, the Director of the International Tourism Partnership (ITP) writes, beyond the headline figures the sector has been poor at demonstrating its real impact.

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About International Tourism Partnership (ITP)

The International Tourism Partnership (ITP) brings together leading international hotel companies to provide a voice for environmental and social responsibility in the industry. With a collective reach of over 23,500 properties, 3.4m rooms and 1.5m employees in more than 100 countries worldwide - ITP has a unique leadership role within the hospitality sector. ITP members recognise that their long-term business interests are fundamentally linked to environmental, social and economic stability. ITP is unique in addressing and providing practical solutions to these challenges through both collaborative action and industry leadership. Since October 2013 ITP has been part of Business in the Community - one of the Prince's Charities.
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