What is the value of a Hotel Sustainability Assessment?

By Kathy McGuire , Principal Sustainable Development at 3 Pillar Solutions, LLC | 2 Apr 19

Opportunities for improving efficiency and saving costs are everywhere in a hotel, writes KathySue McGuire, Principal of 3 Pillar Solutions, LLC. An evaluation of the areas needing attention makes sense.

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About 3 Pillar Solutions, LLC

3 Pillar Solutions, LLC is a sustainability consulting firm offering the hospitality, tourism, meetings/events and small/medium sized business community an affordable service to improve efficiencies and maximize profit. Together with our partner organizations, we offer strategies for developing sustainable operations. Businesses of all kinds benefit when sustainable management systems are put into place, along with stakeholder engagement strategies that inspire participation. Combined this is always at the heart of success. Tell us what you want to achieve and we'll assess your current operations, benchmark your property, and provide recommendations for improvement. We also provide policies, procedures and training programs. We will design a program that will align your core business goals with sustainable practices operating as one cohesive unit. Monitoring and applying solid metrics to measure outcomes will drive continuous performance improvement. ​The United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 offers a path for small and medium sized businesses to also participate by adopting our recommended actions steps to help achieve these critical environmental and social goals. We can help you get there.
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