Give us a platform we can build on

By Lyle Worthington, Technology Executive and Consultant & Past President of HFTP Global | 1 May 19

Too many software developers in this industry are focused on building a product, writes Lyle Worthington. They still view the interfaces to it, and data inside, as part of their product. Instead, their products should be platforms as well – ones that anyone can build on.

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About The Student Hotel

The Student Hotel is where the needs of the demanding 21st century student and the design-savvy traveller of today meet in dynamic harmony. By fusing luxury, long-stay student accommodation with short-stay facilities for the social globetrotter, The Student Hotel is pioneering a modern hybrid in hospitality, the likes of which have never been seen. Today, The Student Hotel offers fully-serviced, state-of-the-art accommodation in cities throughout Europe: 485 rooms in Rotterdam (opened 2012), 707 rooms in Amsterdam West (2013), 309 rooms in The Hague (2014), 574 rooms in Amsterdam City (2015) and under the brand Melon District over 597 rooms in Barcelona (2005) and 191 in Paris (2015).
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