Four outside-the-box ways to improve brand awareness in 2019

By Clay Bassford, founder of Bespoke Sound | 7 Apr 19

When it comes to creating brand awareness in 2019, hotels have a problem, says Clay Bassford, of Bespoke Sound. That’s because possibly the largest marketing challenge of the decade is media-oversaturation. There are only so many photos we can scroll past on our Instagram feed or ads to skip on YouTube before we, as consumers and potential customers, have had enough.

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Bespoke Sound is an audio curation & design service for hotels. Bespoke Sound creates 1-of-a-kind custom playlists, site-specific compositions, and more, designed to perfectly match the hotel’s aesthetic, guest preferences, and brand vibe, enriching the guest experience and emboldening the hotel as a vibrant cultural locus.
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