The HOTEL Yearbook Special Edition - Digital Marketing 2017

15 December 2016|The Hotel Yearbook 2017–Digital Marketing features editorial contributions from 35 opinion leaders around the world on the ways hotel companies will be using digital marketing techniques in the years ahead. Considering the huge impact that online marketing can have on a hotel company’s bookings, The Hotel Yearbook 2017–Digital Marketing is a must read for marketing decision makers throughout the entire industry.

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Peter O’Connor


Peter O’Connor - Professor of Strategy at University of South Australia Business School
Peter O’Connor, the Academic Director at ESSEC Business School and a contributor of several articles to The Hotel Yearbook over the years, takes on the role for us as Guest Editor in Chief, allowing HYB to benefit from his profound knowledge of the trends in the area of digital marketing, as well as his wide network of contacts in the industry, who are invited to contribute “think pieces” illuminating their take on the developments in this dynamic part of the hospitality business.

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