Ride the prevailing winds…

By Dave Berkus, Author of 14 business books and of the popular blog, BERKONOMICS | 9 Sep 13

To kick off this special edition of The Hotel Yearbook, we wanted to set the scene with a look at some of the most important macro-trends that will drive hospitality – and with it, the technology challenges and solutions facing the hospitality business – in the years ahead. To get a handle on these changes, we asked internationally known author, consultant and angel investor Dave Berkus for some quick takes on what the future has in store for our industry.

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This blog is more than a labor of love. It is the result of insights gained in over fifty years as an entrepreneur, fifteen of them investing in other entrepreneurs with world-changing ideas and passion enough to move mountains. Over seventy times I’ve bet on one or a group of those entrepreneurs, each time finding new stories and new insights to add to my caldron of entrepreneurial goop. When I speak as a keynoter at entrepreneurial or investor conferences, or when I conduct one of my half day seminars in early stage corporate governance, I weave some of these epoch stories of entrepreneurs good and bad into my presentations (of course leaving the names out the stories). And universally, my audiences come back to me with comments that they remember and internalize the stories – and these short insights.
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