Personalization through communication

By Dan Phillips, Owner of Dare to Imagine | 24 Nov 15

Consumers demand to be recognized and treated as individuals, notes Dan Phillips, owner of Dare to Imagine. But when there are nearly 7 billion consumers that is a daunting challenge. More than ever, the marriage of technological advances and hyper-marketing schemes is enabling businesses to address personalization, one front being in the way they communicate to their customers.

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About Dare to Imagine (DTI)

are to Imagine (DTI) is a professional consulting firm serving the hospitality industry. Technology should be viewed as any other guest service experience; invisible yet attentive when not required, but immediate and impeccable when desired. Technology has rapidly become as essential an underpinning to business success as structural foundations are to the physical buildings themselves. DTI views technology in two ways; first, the physical infrastructure and resident applications and tools; second, and most importantly, delivery through the tools of an unprecedented level of service excellence. DTI and its staff have a rich background in the elite market niche that your property will be capturing and can ably assist in developing an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Strategy that will augment and support the operational objectives of your management team.
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