Pricing With Confidence

By Ravneet Bhandari, Chief Executive Officer at LodgIQ | 11 May 17

Picture this: You're a revenue manager. You follow all the rules. And you're very diligent at it too. When setting the asked for room price for any specific day, you check your hotel's historical rate records, examine what your comp set is charging, and even notice that Beyoncé is in town on that night, so you pump up the rate a few bucks more. Seems like the right thing to do, right?


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About LodgIQ™

LodgIQ™ is a start-up dedicated to providing advanced revenue optimization technologies to the travel industry. Their breakthrough next-generation revenue optimization platform, LodgIQ RM, was developed by seasoned travel executives and Silicon Valley technologists. LodgIQ was recently awarded the Golden Bridge Award for "Startup of the Year- 2016" in the Hospitality & Travel category.
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