What happens when performance marketing caps?

By Martin Soler, Partner at Soler & Associates | 14 Jun 19

Analyzing the digital marketing activities of hotels, Martin Soler of Soler & Associates concludes that 98% goes toward performance-type marketing that is designed to capture clicks and convert those clicks into on-the-books revenue. This may be efficient, he says, but the problem is that it leaves most of the brand building to OTAs and word of mouth.

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After a string of successes in hotel management, hotel marketing and hotel technology startups the next logical step for Martin Soler, was to build a company to help hotels, hotel technology companies and travel tech startups build and scale their efforts to a global audience. Soler & Associates' was created as a means to assist companies grow their marketing efforts and appeal to their audiences. Driven from a passion that finding the right message and the right audience makes marketing helpful for companies and for customers. We work to help our clients find the right problems as these make the solutions obvious. We're passionate about marketing, we believe modern marketing is about finding ways to help customers find the right solution to their problems and it normally works out quite well.
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