The HOTEL Yearbook Special Edition - Digital Marketing 2020

How is digital marketing combining the arts of offline marketing with the science of digital performance- based marketing? The Hotel Yearbook 2020 – Digital Marketing will feature a wide range of editorial contributions from senior executives and opinion leaders in the hotel industry addressing the key trends and areas of change in the digital marketing landscape. Today, it is no longer enough only to measure clicks and conversions; it’s also necessary to look at how our digital approach affects brand awareness and interest. Accordingly, the articles published in The Hotel Yearbook 2019 – Digital Marketing will reveal how this discipline is evolving from a pure performance marketing game to a broader branding and visibility game, and will focus not only on AI, programmatic ads, data, metasearch and other elements of the digital marketing toolkit, but also on their impact on brand building, loyalty, brand integrity and the guest experience. Our new special edition will shed light on this fast-changing subject and will be a must- read for all marketing professionals working in the hotel industry today.

This edition will be available from 10 April 2019

Martin Soler


Martin Soler - Partner at Soler & Associates
With a background in marketing, Martin turned to the hotel industry, having become a GM for boutique hotels he then went on to become a founding staff and later VP Marketing of one of the leading hotel marketing agencies in Europe. He then joined the team of SnapShot as the CMO and helped define how hotel technology companies market themselves in the 21st century. Since then Martin has co-founded Soler & Associates to help hotel groups and hotel technology companies build and implement marketing strategies, a balancing act between creativity and efficiency.

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